Monday, 14 December 2009


Apologies but as my Mum works in a shop, she is very busy at this time of year - she is also poorly with a really stinky cold just now.

My appointment with the Specialist went very well, She was a nice lady called Lucie who gave me a cuddle and seemed rather amused by my lively hopping (and pooping!) all over the examination table.

She agreed with Mum that I needed stronger pain relief and prescribed me what I needed, She also told Mum what she already knew, that my condition is not curable but it is managable. She advised that I should have dental operations every 4-6 weeks to manage my teeth. Hopefully that way they will never get bad enough that I stop eating.

I am booked in for an operation next Monday.

I am now eating for myself, much to mum's relief. She needs to give me painkillers twice a day, but other than that, I now look after myself again. I'm a cheeky chirpy chap.

Mum is hoping that I will eat quickly after my op next week so we can have a peaceful christmas - she has some akward shifts that week and my Dad will have to pick me up after my op.

Mum just ordered me and lucky some Fuzzbuddies from Fuzzbutt We like cuddling up to things :-)

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Taking it easy...

 Thank you for bearing with me - I have been very up and down the last few days. On Friday, I woke up and my one eye wouldn't open properly - I had a permanant squint.

It upset Mum very much, as it was a reminder of my illness and it's progression. She had a good cry before she went to work, as she feared the worst - that it was time for me to say goodbye.

I think she was being daft, by Saturday, I was feeling much better. I was happy and lively and I ate a few nice leafy things, a shredded wheat and even a few pellets - I think maybe she was over-reacting.

Mum seems stressed tonight, she has had a mad day at work, and has now filled in my pre-consulation forms for the specialist tomorrow. The specialist is on a very busy, very main road - so we will have to set out early.

Mum thinks the specialist will probably want to give me x-rays, to see what is going on now. Only time will tell. Mum hopes the nice vet can help me with pain relief and give mum some advice on what is best for me now.

I will update you all on my progress tomorrow and hopefully I can continue to tell you about my condition.

TTFN, Stitch x

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Quick note

Mum says she's a bit tired to post more in depth tonight and she has to go out christmas shopping with Dad later.

I am starting to feel better, and am munching on some solid food today. Mum left me with a mini shredded wheat broken up whilst she was at work, and I ate it all. She was very pleased with me.

I am taking feeds well and chunking up; Mum wants to start feeding me less now and hope I can eat for myself more. She doesn't want to cut back too much before I see the specialist, and have a proper assesment.

I'm in good spirits and still love trying to nip Mum when she tries to feed me. Tehehehehe...

love Stitch x